Political Economy Of Slavery

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USPEAG Midterm April 2017 402810435 語言四 殷敬婷
Chapter 1 The Political Economy of Slavery

1. According to the reading, why was slavery such an important part of the American economy at the time?
2. How did the plantation owners justify owning slaves?
3. According to the author, what where some of the problems which faced slave owners at the time?

1. The slavery since 19th century takes a lead in the whole nation economy through producing food consumption and diversification to access market of North and Europe. Comparing to the South, Northern cities of America are progressively industrialized and can export commodes conveniently. Owing to the demand, the requirement of labor productivity pushed Negros to the America and turned them into the systematic agriculture labors. In this system, a simple concept global production chain and international commercial among Africa, America and Caribbean area took place in the function. Departing from the North coast, Americans export tobacco and cotton to Europe, and later leaving for Africa to import African labors for the South America. During the voyage, the ship has been passing by the Caribbean area for sugar, and then returned back …show more content…

Some insist on the slavery based on the fact of “importation”. A scholar Tillinghast-Phillip interpreted that West African culture helps Negros survive from the exploitation and domestication because a discovery in West Africa of domestication had been adopted on their own population before. Those inhabited cities before leaving for America mostly are under Moslem influence developed with partly civilization, techniques and mature agriculture system—Dahomey, Ashanti, Yoruba, which overweighs Indians for the labor sector. Negros were implied hard working by the proverbs, aphorisms, and customs of the West African. The slaves were quick to take advantage and to work because of planters despaired of making diversification pay. They attribute the acre of

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