How Have White Historians In The Past Described As A 'Modern' Institution?

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1.) How have white historians in the past described the relationship between slavery in the American South and the rising political power and economic growth of the United States? Why was slavery not portrayed as a “modern” institution?
­ White Historians of the past, very much like white supremacist and Anglo­American’s have stated that slavery was not a profit seeking and, that it was a pre­modern institution. The evidence they use to support this is that European races are ‘superior’ to the others. This was a tactic that white historians use to re­unify the white nation post­Civil War.
2.) Why did allowing slavery to continue and even expand seem important to legislators in the late eighteenth century ?
­ It was important for the economy to continue to compete and thrive. Slavery was
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However, people and possible investors of the northern free states were hesitant to invest in a ‘slave state’ because of the political ramifications of the three­fifths compromise. Later in 1795 during Georgia’s attempted repeal the sale of the Yazoo region, Federalist blocked this attempt stating ‘a contract is a contract’.
4.) Why did some legislators argue that moving slaves from Southern states to Western territories—“diffusing” them—was necessary and good?
­ The argument was that, if slaves were evenly distributed or ‘diffused’ by moving large quantities of slaves from the South to the West, their owners may be more inclined to free them. William Branch Giles argued that white’s did not want to live near a large population of free black people. “Thus moving the enslaved people into new regions where their enslavement was more profitable would lead to freedom for said enslaved people. Make slavery bigger in order to make it smaller.” (30)
5.) What kinds of barriers did enslaved people on the frontier encounter in terms of attempting to build community and trust with one another
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