Political Mismanagement Of The United States

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The United States has been one of the most examined countries in the world, which is good for their positioning with other countries in the world. While being one of the most dominant countries is always a positive trait, the recent presidential election has led to other countries wondering if they are going into a downward spiral of political mismanagement. This was been due to Republican candidate Donald Trump making statements in regards to keeping immigrants out of the United States, which has led to damaged relationships with other nations, most notably with their neighbor and arguably strongest trading partner, Mexico. These remarks have led to the Mexican citizens changing their stance from embracing American nationals to wanting to have no association with them in any form. Some Americans, such as Kevin Cunningham, have traveled to study abroad in Mexico City, and his experience was drastically influenced by Trump’s outbursts. Before Kevin even embarked on his trip down to Mexico, relationships between the two sides were starting to crumble at the hands of a former reality television figurehead. On June 28th, 2015, Donald Trump announced he was running for President of the United States as a Republican, and made a few racists remarks during his speech. He made derogatory allegations perceiving the Mexican citizens who illegally came to the United States as not, “being Mexico’s best. They 're sending people who have lots of problems (which include) drugs and being
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