Political Parties And Democratic Parties

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The political party is an organization of people who share similar ideas about the way the country should be governed. Political parties perform important tasks in government. In fact, “political parties select candidates and check the other party. Political parties also inform the public. Most importantly, they organize the government” (Political Parties, n.d.). The history of U.S political parties begins with the Federalists and their opponents the Anti-Federalists who became the Democratic-Republicans. Two major political parties in the United States today, however, are Democrats and Republicans. The U.S is one of the very few countries with only two dominant parties and there is so much attention focused on only two parties in the United State. Why Only Two Parties (n.d) explained that the two party system in the U.S is largely due to what is called plurality voting in single-member districts, also means, winner takes all voting system. In addition, the two parties, Democrats and Republicans, have essentially crowded out the other minor parties. It makes extremely difficult for someone from one of those parties to become elected (Ch. 7). These two parties, the Democrats and Republicans, survived through the decades and they have contrasting beliefs that distinguish them from one another.

Firstly, of the two current major political parties, the one with oldest roots is the Democratic Party. The first two presidents of the US George Washington and John Adams…
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