Political Parties And Its Impact On Society

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In the twenty-first century, political parties are a very important aspect of our society. After recently wrapping up a presidential election, we see how greatly elected officials impact our everyday lives. Civilization has truly evolved since the beginning of the political parties in the 1600’s started by the Ancient Greeks. During that time, two groups who are known as the Patricians and the Plebeians made many of the decisions for the Greek society. The Patricians were made up of the Nobel families and families that were born into royalty, and the Plebeians represented the middle class. Even in that time we see how much of an impact social class had on decision making. In the late 1700’s, many felt it was time for the change in …show more content…

These colonial merchants had passed their wealth to their children.” (Book, Section 9.4). One of the most powerful families in American history were founders of the private banking service J.S. Morgan & CO. The Middle Class consisted mainly of artisans, which were workers who made their items from scratch using their hands, and small business owners. These people valued challenging work and worked to provide for their family because they did not have the cushion lifestyle that the elite upper class did. Finally, the working class was made up of Industrialization workers. These individuals suffered the most when any economic crisis occurred. In terms of the political parties in the early United States, the wealthy elite supported federalism because it benefited the bank owners and kept money in their pockets. The Democratic republic party supported more of the middle class and working class. Their desire was to limit the central government 's control because a strong central government will weaken the states’ rights and the rights of the people.
The War of 1812 helped the decline of federalism in the United States, which in turn contributed to the rise of Andrew Jackson. British empire set a restriction on American trade, called the Embargo Act of 1807,

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