Political Parties: Philosophies Of Democratic And Republican Parties

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James Bovain
Professor: Christopher Willow
PER 102-40403
27 February 2016

Democratic and Republican Parties Their Different Philosophies and Ideas
Democratic party and the Republican party these are the two parties that over power’s America’s political positions but greatly have different in their philosophies and ideas. The main things or philosophies issues they differ on are as follows: Taxes, Immigration, Gun Control, Healthcare and the Role of the Government as a whole. The Democratic party was founded in 1824 and they were Liberal. The Republican party was founded later in 1854 and they were Conservatives. The Democratic party’s color is blue and their symbol is a donkey while the Republican party’s color is red and their symbol …show more content…

They are focus on active enforcement and strengthening the back ground check system for owning guns. The Democratic party want to ban assault weapons on the streets and the closing of the gun show loopholes so that the weapons don’t go to the ones who are reckless and careless. They don’t want to go against the second amendment but as they say “they wish to reform gun control laws within the scope of the second amendment”.

Republican Party on Gun Control
Republican party on gun control believe in smaller government with few regulations on gun control. They believe that the “American people have the right to carry, own and use firearms”. They believe that the democratic way of regulation of firearms is greatly unconstitutional and most of the gun laws are an “infringement on the individual’s rights to bear arms, in this regard is that the second amendment gives the right to the individual to protect himself, his family, and his property”.

Democratic Party on Taxes and …show more content…

They believe that taxes should be a flat rate tax (same tax rate for all income regardless of their income). The Republican party is not opposed to tax cuts for lower and middle class because they believe that lower taxes and lower interest rates would allow more families to become homeowners and that is in the national interest. On healthcare they opposed Obamacare because they believe that private companies should provide healthcare in the free market. The Republican party believe if the government runs or get tangled with the healthcare system it will decrease the proficiency and the standard of care the healthcare system can provide. They also believe it will compromise the relationship between the patient and doctor which will increase waiting time within the healthcare

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