Political, Social and Legal Factors That Affect Mcdonalds Fast Food Outlet (Uk) and Haveli Restaurant (India)

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You would hope that businesses all over the world would work to the best of their ability in order to be the best. However, this is not always the case as there are many differences when it comes to businesses that are based in different countries. The way that a UK McDonalds functions is very different to the way Haveli in India does, due to the political, social and legal factors that cause them do so.
Political Factors
The Government in the UK is relatively stable. We currently have a coalition government as none of the political parties got enough votes to win the majority. Therefore, both of the parties’ manifestos are co-joined so there is a lot more UK businesses need to prepare for. Political decisions can affect businesses …show more content…

The priorities of businesses set up in India will not always be for the benefit of the customer, so they have little chance of expanding. However, for Haveli this is not a problem as they are a well known, popular restaurant in the area.
Another law that is important for UK businesses such as McDonalds is company law. It is usually said that anyone can start up a business; however this is not entirely true. There are various rules that are in place about who sets a business up and all the paperwork involved in setting a business up. Theirs rules for the names that business use; they aren’t allowed to use any names or names that are similar to businesses already functioning. In India they do have this law in place and it is likely to be followed by businesses like Haveli as they have a reasonably good reputation and they understand the rules they should follow to lead them to success. Unfortunately smaller restaurants are not as likely to follow this law and are quite capable to use Haveli’s name for their own restaurant and receive no punishment, as company law is not seen as essential. Finally, contract law covers two main types of contracts; ones with employees and ones with consumers. The contract with consumers is called the Sales of Goods Act, which says that all goods should be: * to a satisfactory quality * fit for purpose * as described, whether that is on the packaging or on the sale description * with adequate skills and care *

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