Politics and International Policies for Women Essay

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Politics and International Policies for Women

The most informative concept for me was that of Joy Gordon and her three ethical frameworks for analyzing the ethics of economic sanctions: the just war doctrine, deontological ethics and utilitarianism. This provided me with extensive information on U.S. embargoes imposed on foreign nations in particular with Cuba and how the embargo is affecting their national economy. When defining the concept of a just war theory it suggests that war is justified only when certain conditions are met and it is essentially waged as a last resort while sparring civilian lives. When looking at why these sanctions are unethical through the lens of the just war doctrine, it does not spare innocent civilian lives …show more content…

However, the author essentially opposes any government intervention towards leading efforts for women. Half the Sky does a good job at creating awareness of these atrocities that occur to women in other countries and how those same atrocities can go unpunished. Narayan, a critic, really helped understand one real issue by stating that, “The ubiquitous insistence that women’s inclusion is ‘good for development’ is not identical to showing that particular forms of development are good for [all] women. Many ‘economic opportunities’ the book celebrates, such as micro-credit, requires shoeless women to boot-strap themselves to ‘success,’ working harder and harder to compensate for the improvidence of men-folk, the impoverishment of nation states, the depredations of corporations, the vagaries of markets and the destabilizing neo-liberal policies of international financial institutions.” While micro-credits’ main targets are to help women in developing nations, it can sometimes do more harm than good in the basis of exploitation sometimes through predatory lending (fraudulent practices). Muhammad Yunus is cited a lot when it comes to microfinance and women living in impoverished foreign countries.

One thing that the class lacked was a slightly more introduction to how foreign aid and allocation of monies play a leading role to a lot of unethical

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