Pollution In Los Angeles

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Pollution and trash build up in Los Angeles has been accumulating and worsening for many years. The homeless population in Los Angeles also has been at an all time high. In areas like Van Nuys, Reseda, Downtown, and many more, there needs to be more trash cans near homeless encampments and along with those, cameras, which will document and hopefully successfully pinpoint potential littering suspects. The trash is not only harmful and damaging to our community but also Earth as a whole. By setting up more trash cans of which the city would be in charge of, it would hopefully encourage those who do frequently litter to throw away their waste properly. Besides putting up cameras and implementing more trash cans we can also set up a plan to benefit both our homeless citizens and the environment of our cities. The homeless give service to their city by keeping it clean and in return they gain food and shelter. The process works by setting up trash cans in locations where homeless tend to shelter themselves such as around freeways, the sidewalks, and within other public places. The homeless can take the trash they find and pick up whatever other trash they see to clean up. When the trash bags reach a certain weight, they can then take that garbage to homeless shelter. In return, the homeless shelter allows these homeless a night or two in the shelter. The main organizations, companies, and people we have contacted for our idea include Clean-Up Los Angeles City / County
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