Pollution Is A Business Problem

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Each year industries use over 4 million pounds of materials to provide the average American family with the necessities it needs for one year. However, many of these products are not biodegradable and produce a considerable harm to the environment resulting in air and water pollution. In this essay, I will assess the problems that arise from business and its relation to pollution, the role of corporations and other stakeholders in addressing these issues, and develop a plan for businesses to tackle these issues in the future. Pollution is a business problem and can be prevented by implementing unique environmental programs into all businesses. Pollution “In 2014, 92% of the world population was living in places where the WHO air quality guidelines levels were not met.” (World Health Organization, September 2016) Pollution has many different causes ranging from litter to pesticides/fertilizers as well as air pollution from burning fossil fuels. There are also many effects of pollution such as smog, acid rain, global warming, and health issues. Pollution is a business problem because the environmental damage corporations inflict directly affects major stakeholders such as consumers and communities. It also isn’t going to improve unless we make a difference now. Conserve Energy Future states, “By 2050, 6 million people will die per year due to air pollution.” This is a huge ethical problem for businesses, therefore, pollution should be a problem they address now while there is

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