Pomona Advertising Campaign

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At no cost and without taxing Pomona’s residents, the upcoming June 7 election, could bring an extra $250,000 annually to the Pomona’s general fund and provide free digital advertising on state-of-the-art freeway message centers for the city and other Pomona charitable organizations. An overwhelming number of community leaders and organizations are supporting the passing of measure Y including but not limited to the following: Pomona Police Officers Association . Pomona City Employees Local (Teamsters) Union . Pomona Valley Boys & Girls Club . Ethel Gardener – Kennedy Austin Foundation . Sam Thorpe, Black Educators Alliance . Virginia Madrigal, PUSD Retired . Ron Vander Molen, Pomona resident/business owner . Latino Chamber of Commerce . Frank Delgado, Community Volunteer . Several Pomona YMCA Board Members and 8,500 other Pomona residents. …show more content…

When passed, Measure Y, will allow message centers in non-residential areas only, would bring a total of $10 million to the City over the life of the agreement, with $500,000 paid upfront. As part of the proposition, Pomona non-profit charitable organizations and the Downtown Pomona Owners Association (DPOA) will receive free digital advertising. This free advertising will help promote important local charitable causes and increase the sales tax for the city. The City Attorney’s impartial summary states that the revenues from Measure Y would be available to fund essential city services, including police and fire protection; street and park maintenance; library and recreation services, and other vital city

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