Poor Academic Performance

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POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE IN SCHOOL Guidelines for Parents and Teachers The initial step in intervention for children not doing well in school is to determine the cause. The school psychologist may be the best source of information, and the either the school or the parents can request an evaluation to determine the causes of a child’s learning problems. The following general causes and suggested interventions are based on the gross distinctions suggested by Rabinovitch: 1. deficits in specific capabilities, 2. lack of developmental readiness, 3. lack of emotional freedom to learn, and 4. lack of motivation. 1. Deficits in specific capabilities. Children who have specific learning disabilities, attention deficits or cognitive…show more content…
The study seeks to address the achievement of one of the Millenium Development Goals by effectively addressing the hindering factors underpinning the native children's academic performance. Human development is an instrument of economic growth and hence has to be promoted. The determinants of academic performance have been found to include the walking distance to school, sex of child, education status of parent/guardian, nutrition levels, late entrance and repetition at school and language spoken at home. The study failed to prove that late entrance and repetition at school indicate poor academic performance. 7. RELATED ARTICLES 8. Emerging Permissiveness of Adult Entertainment and Implications for Adolescents Sexuality 9. INTRODUCTION 10. The development of any nation or community depends largely on the quality of education of such a nation. It is generally believed that the basis for any true development must commence with the development of human resources (Akanle, 2007). Hence formal education remains the vehicle for social-economic development and social mobilization in any society. 11. Given the importance of education to development, why then it is not taken seriously as indicated by low pass rates. What then mainly
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