Poor Schools Obtained High Achievement

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In this case study the researchers examined how poor schools obtained high achievement. The questions asked were: what were some things that leadership did that made them good leaders, what was the school culture like and what other outside components attributed to academic success for the students? The questions were important because they allowed researchers to look at data that contributed to academic success for children living in poverty.
The school in this study was a high-poverty, high-achieving elementary school in Florida. High-poverty was measured by 50% or more of the students were eligible for free and reduced-price lunch. The participants were split into three categories and they were; all the staff and students in the school, staff who replied to at least one of the two surveys given and 11 staff members that were interviewed. Data was collected using Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education survey and the School Culture Survey, observations at the school and interviews with the staff.
Observations were conducted for more than 80 hours and included community and school events, staff and grade level meetings, leadership meetings and academic activities. The interviews were given to gain an understanding of the culture, curriculum and programs used at the school and leadership qualities.
The results of the study showed that the principal set high expectations for both staff and students. Some of the expectations for the students were they had to

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