Population Growth And The Ethical Dilemma

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Population Growth and the Ethical Dilemma and What We Should Seek to Control It and Why We Should Do So Anonymous Author University of the People Unit 6 Written Assignment Introduction The 21st century is still very young and the world had already recorded extra billion people more than what was recorded in October 1999 whilst in the past, it took humankind until the 19th century to record its 1st billions. With this enormous upsurge in the world population, food and energy supplies future is already bleak than it was in the past decades, in this easy, I will summarize the world population growth and its ethical dilemma and what we should seek to control the problems. Population Growth and the Ethical Dilemma and What We Should…show more content…
What is alarming especially about this dramatic increase is that it is actually taking place in an intensified form in under­developed nations where the population has already surpassed food production. Similarly, closely related to the question of population, further than that of starvation is the problems brought on by human population compactness, upsurges in tension, pressure, sprawl, and the question of whether the problem that’s arising from the population’s growth can be handled by our political. For an adequate production of food supply to continue, a fertile land is needed couple with fresh water, energy, and natural biodiversity, obviously, if the problem of population growth is not prevented at this stage, the needs for these resources will escalate. Even though these resources in question are not completely exhausted on per capital basis, the supply will dwindle significantly because it must be shared among other people. Many, including myself, are suggesting in the light of this analysis that morally something should be done to reduce and contain the speedy growth of world population by any means necessary to avert over populated planet earth. Human’s population growth should be brought to a halt by adjusting birth rates down in humane ways instead of waiting for death rates to move up as the four horsemen reappear, it
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