Pornographic Controversy

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Pornography is the depiction of sexual behavior that is from explicit material (books, films, photographs, etc.) that intends to cause sexual excitement. This definition of pornography that we know of was not the same meaning for centuries. In The Secret Museum, Walter Kendrick evaluate the idea of pornography and how it has emerged into the modern definition of pornography. The concept of pornography first emerged in European between 1755 and 1857 at a museum. This created controversy that was caused by the discovery of the Pompeii erotic artifacts that depict sexual bodily practices. Pornography have changed the public attitudes toward it since then. Archaeology has discovered the erotic artifacts that revealed sculptures and…show more content…
The word pornography was derived from Greek root; writing the life of prostitutes. However, the first time when the term pornography appear was in an English medical dictionary in 1957, which they defined as “licentious paintings employed to decorate the walls of rooms sacred to bacchanalian orgies, examples of which exist in Pompeii” (Kendrick, 13). The definition of pornography has been redefined multiple times since then. In attempt to combine the old definition with the modern definition, the OED created two divergent lines “Description of the life, manners, etc., of prostitutes and their patron; hence, the expression or suggestion of obscene or unchaste subjects in literature or art” (Kendrick, 17). Ongoing debate perpetuates itself as our culture keep interpreted and refining the definition and hiding the images away, which causes the paradox of pornography to publicize itself further. In the documentary, The Secret History of Civilization, states that “these images of sex are frame in an alien culture and think that is okay. But as soon as we turn to our own culture and start to examine our attitudes toward sexual representation. It is the same power the Victorian gave to sex”. This eventually affects the people and made them believe that the image of sex have power over them for good or for bad the more discussion they have of it. Lastly, Kendrick has been
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