The Perspective Of Women Against Pornography

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The controversy and perspective of women against pornography is one of the most beetling debates waged between modern-day feminists amongst themselves as well as between other opinionated individuals. As defined in this essay, pornography is any printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to arouse erotic, sexual rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. The growing feminist population hosts many apprehensions as well as positive outlooks concerning the pornography industry and its portrayal of women, thus causing it to be a highly debated affair amongst those that share contrasting opinions on the matter. With the increasing interest on the matter, more feminists develop reasoning as to why they either support or oppose pornography. A copious number of those that oppose pornography believe it regresses the movement of feminist in its entirety.
The pro-pornography supporters back the idea that pornography is beneficial and enforces the empowerment and development of the feminist movement. The anti-pornography feminist perspective of the deliberation is veritably legitimate, and the feminist movement is marred by pornography because it leads to violence against women, porn is violence due to women who pose for it being so traumatized by patriarchy that they cannot give real consent, and is disparaging to women, leading it to contravene women’s civil equality. The high exposure to pornography that men
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