Portable Devices : Positive Or Negative Effects On Children

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Portable devices have become a very large part of most people's everyday life, varying from iPhone, tablets, and laptops. A majority of people incorporate the use of portable devices at least once throughout their day, making it hard for parents to keep children away from them. A common concern about these devices is how it is affecting the younger generation. Many parents debate over the effects of handheld devices and whether they are positive or negative on a child's development. Some parents allow their children to have access to devices at a very young age, and some wait until the child is older. Portable devices have become so popular that keeping children from using them has become harder, but can introducing devices to children at too early of an age have any effects? If not used properly, handheld devices can have a negative effect on the development of children.
Portable devices have pretty much taken over everyone’s life but it has not always been this way. Handheld devices hit an all-time high when Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, since then it seems like these devices are everywhere. Every phone brand seems to now have a touchscreen phone that has pretty much the same functions as a computer. Since the iPhone released it seems that more portable devices have come out. For example, tablets and laptops have improved dramatically over the last few years. With every new smartphone or tablet release, the phones seem to be able to do more and more, making

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