Portfolio 3: CYC Competency Checklist And Planning

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Portfolio III: CYC Competency Checklist and Planning
PART ONE: CYC Competency Table (60 Points)
1) For each competency below indicate if you are competent (C) or not competent (N) in the appropriate column
2) In the Notes column: Document why you believe you are/not competent – give specific information about which course(s) and experiences lead to your competence.
GRADING NOTE: For full credit provide details (the course name and/or experiences that allowed you to be competent – or your plan for becoming competent) for at least 50% of the competencies.
PART TWO: Staying current (15 Points)
Answer the following question in one paragraph in the space below - (at least one introductory sentence, two supporting sentences, and a concluding …show more content…

And in class, we have talked that we should develop awareness of the expectations of professional interaction with youth and families.
P11 Professional Development and Behavior C I have built this because in SPH-F180 (Youth and Families) class, I wrote the portfolio paper. And it includes my ideal professional development plan.
P12 Personal Development and Self Care C I have built this, because I also wrote in my portfolio paper on SPH-F180 (Youth and Families) class.
P13 Professional Ethics C I have built this from Ethics of CYC certification website. And it told me that
“These principles and standards provide a framework to guide ethical thinking and decision making across the various settings and roles in which Child and Youth Care Professionals serve.”
P14 Awareness of Law and Regulations C I have built this competency from online information such as the awareness of regulatory, legal, and ethical Issues for children.
P15 Advocacy NC I will build advocacy from the websites about child and youth, such as Association for Child and Youth Care, Indiana After School Association, National Council on Family …show more content…

Applied Human Development C = Competent
NC = Not Competent N C Notes (how or where you have/will built/d this)
AD1 The professional practitioner is well-versed in current research and theory in human development with an emphasis on a developmental-ecological perspective. NC I will build this through read journals or news about current research and theory in this field.
AD2 Life Span Development C I have built this from the knowledge of this class: SPH-F 150 (Intro to Life Span Development). It introduces life span development for human.
AD3 Child/Adolescent Development C I have built this from the knowledge of this class: SPH-F 150 (Intro to Life Span Development). It introduces every different stage in people’s life.
AD4 Developmental-Ecological Assessment C I have built this from SPH-F180 (Youth and Families), because in this class I studied the concept of the ecological model.
AD5 Developmental-Ecological Sensitive Relationship and Communication C I have built this SPH-F180 (Youth and Families). In this class, I knew that the ecological model include different types of people and groups, and I studied how to connect the relation between different

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