Portillo's Business Strategy

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Portillo’s first opened as “The Dog House” in 1963. Portillo's since than has made itself into a multi million dollar company. Portillo's is a classic essential to any town/city. It will fit in perfectly in Belvidere Illinois. It will succeed in Belvidere because of its affordable prices, variety menu, clean facilities and their fast service. Portillo's is the perfect addition to Belvidere!
To start Portillo’s prices are affordable. It may not seem like it at first but then compared to similar restaurants its reasonable. Portillo's hot dogs retail for 2.75$ while Five Guys hotdogs are 4.65$. That’s almost a whole two dollars more! Also the popular bacon burger is less than you’d expect. Portillo's bacon burger is 5.19$. Seems like a lot right? …show more content…

They have everything from Burgers and hotdogs to salads and cake. They have a great kids menu too. With a great menu with lots of options portillo's will be a big hit here in Belvidere. Their menus compared to other burger joints menu has many more options. It's a whole six pages of great, classic american food!
Portillo's is known for their clean facilities and work space. They keep their work space immaculate! Andrew C. said it had a “clean atmosphere”. Sana F. said “ I've seen them prep it they are so sanitary it makes my heart sing”. Portillo's workers are prepped and trained to provide the best service. So their sanitary standards are high. Their employees are required to have friendly personalities, work with guest and to stay inside clean requirments. I have personally observed how kind and quick portillo's employees are. It seems like places like Mcdonald's and culver's are slower and take their time. Also Mcdonald's is never as clean as portillo's. In all, Portillo's is clean with quick service. To conclude, Portillo’s is the perfect addition to belvidere. They have affordable prices, variety menu, clean facilities and their fast service. This place is a must for

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