Portrayal Of Black Women On Television Shows : Blaxploitation In America

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The Portrayal of Black Women on Television Shows: Blaxploitation in America From the commencement of time, black women were subjugated to ridicule and stereotyping within their character. However, especially through texts and television,, there has been a culmination of a lot of perceptions of the black identity over the years. The concept of the black female has always been embedded in sexuality, usually portrayed in a manner of submission.. As a result, the black woman is portrayed in two different lights : A Jezebel and an Mammy character. The etymology of the Jezebel stems from the belief that blacks are sexually crude individuals , predating the institutions that would become slavery in America. Furthermore, when white Europeans that traveled to
Africa found natives that rarely were clothed ( this was tribal clothing). This sense of nudity was misinterpreted as crudity. White Europeans, delved into the racial ethnocentrism of the
1600’s , seeing certain practices of African bigamy and tribal dances as proof of the
African's uncontrolled sexual urges as individuals. Europeans were fascinated by African sexuality. William Bosman described the black women in Guinea as spirited and better looking than the men. William Smith described
African women as hot in appearance who are continually scheming how to gain a lover(White,29). These critical race archetypes of black people further conveyed the men as barbaric and racist

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