Poshmark: A Short Story

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“I need you to sell these,” my cousin Matthew stated. I looked in his hands to see a pair of sleek, black RayBan sunglasses in perfect condition. He explained to me his need for quick cash for the weekend; it was Tuesday.
“At least give me a challenge,” I smiled while gently accepting the merchandise.
To an average person this situation may seem peculiar, a boy asking a teenage girl to retail his personal items, but this has become a regular occurrence in my life. I’m known as the girl with the Ebay, Poshmark, and LetGo businesses. I can take any product, gently used or plain worn out, and gain some sort of profit. I’m familiar with the system and use strategies I’ve learned over time to accumulate the most return.
It started small, an
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From NorthFace jackets to Fitbits to room décor, my transactions show no preference. I began exploring new sites like EBay and LetGo to expand my market which only furthered my income. My family noticed my success and jokingly offered their junk for my apps. When I handed them cash the next holiday, they no longer laughed. Soon I was selling my parents’ workout machine and a family friend’s designer handbag.
Everything revolves around planning. Presentation of the merchandise, attractive attached images, commonly searched words, and shipping options are only the tip of the iceberg. One of my personal tactics is up-pricing an item on Poshmark and, after views roll in, reducing my item’s price ten percent at which time Poshmark will gift my customers with discounted shipping. One must find what motivates their consumer. In addition, customer experience plays a vital role in returning clients. I answer any inquiries, securely package my items, add personal notes in my shipments, and even offer discounts to returning buyers.
When seventeen-year-old girls are questioned about their hobbies, they often mention shopping; little do they realize a girl their exact age is selling to
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