Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Have you ever consider how social media is changing your self-esteem and your relationship with the people around you? Krystine Batcho, a professor of psychology at Lemoyne College (New York), believes social media has made many positive but also negative changes in society. Everybody around us uses social media, it definitely helps communicate with people and it is a great source of information. Many people do not realize that there is also a negative side of social media. Social media does not make us happier. On social networks, we see primary see all of the successes, achievements, and boasts of our friends. Toward us, day after day, hour after hour, the happiness is being transmitted. For some users, social life outside of Facebook, Twitter or Snapshot is almost impossible. After a hard, exhausting day at work or school, you go home, you take off your coat, prepare tea and before it brews, you log in to Facebook, see what happened to your friends. You open the door to something that could be called the illusion of digital happiness. As internet researchers point out, the consequences of adopting this illusion as authentic reality can be psychologically acute. The social media sites are increasingly present in our life. For some users, social life outside of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter would be impossible – they are so integrated into their daily routine. In this explosion of social media popularity, smartphones and tablets have become increasingly popular with

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