Positive And Negative Impacts Of Immigration In The United States

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Name: Chukwuma Anizor
Course: History 1312

Immigration to the United States has attracted positive and negative reactions between the native and immigrants residents in America over the years. The United States has had four major waves of immigration since 1607s to late 20th century . The first wave occurred between 1607s and 1830s which had about 12 million immigrants entering the US. The second wave occurred between 1830s and1880s which had about 15.3 million immigrants . The third wave occurred between the 1890s and 1920s which had about 22.3 million immigrants entering the US. The fourth major wave was between 1965 and late 19th century . The fourth wave which is the most current wave had the highest number of immigrants which is estimated to be approximately above 30 million. Between 1924s and 1964s there was a low tide of immigration to the US due to a restrictive immigration quota introduced in the 1920s. In 1960s America president Lyndon assented the Immigration and Naturalization Act which considered the rights of the immigrants. In 1965 the number of immigrants allowed to enter the US was raised to 300,000 every year and has since increased gradually to the current one million per year. The number of legal immigrants reached 3.3 million after the Act got assented. In 1970s legal immigrants increase to 4.5 million while in 1980s they increased to 7.3. In 1990s the number of legal

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