Positive And Negative Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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Prior to the Industrial Revolution manufacturing was mostly produced within people’s homes using hand tools and basic machines. The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the late 1700s, and spread to other countries throughout Europe and America. The Industrial Revolution caused many different positive and negative impacts.It was a period of time in which rural areas became industrialized and urban. Instead, of using hand tools and basic machines, new technology and inventions enabled people to start using special purpose machinery. Factories played a key role in the Industrial Revolution because the high demand for workers created job opportunities for many people. New machinery in factories was quick and efficient for mass production of items. The Industrial Revolution led to urbanization and population growth. People wanted to live closer to the factories they worked at. Despite the many positive effects of

Industrialization, it also had many negative impacts also. The population increased rapidly and caused overcrowding in many urban areas. Living conditions in cities were unsanitary and caused many health …show more content…

Child labor fueled the Industrial Revolution. In (Document 1) Sadler a mill worker states the he had started working in the mills at 10 years old. Most children started working in factories or mines as young as seven years old. Factories found it easier and more beneficial to hire children because they could be payed less, were small and quick, and easier to control. The working conditions in factories were terrible also. In (Document 13) Hebergram a mill worker has been told he will die within a year because of the dust in factories and from overwork. Workers had to work long hours with no breaks in between. Factories were filled with unsafe machinery that usually resulted in losing a limb or your life. In addition factories were not kept clean so it was easy for diseases to get passed

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