Positive Effects Of Video Games Essay

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Do you have a die-hard video game fan at home? Are you noticing changes in his behavior of late? Is his school performance going down because of his video game addiction? Well, if you relate to any of these situations, then you must give our post on how video games affect teenagers a read. If you are a mother, chances are that you have a teenager who is a die-hard fan of video games. It is a great source of recreation for teens. Although these games have been around for decades, today’s sophisticated games require the players to play close attention. Teens engage on a deeper level while playing, both emotionally and physically. So is playing video games good or bad for your teen? In a way, it is both good and bad. Read on to know the…show more content…
Teens adept in gaming can make choices and act upon them six times a second, this is four times faster than normal. 5. Encourages Teamwork: Multiplayer games that involve cooperation with other online players encourage teamwork in teens. Video games also help teens to make the most of their skills to contribute to the team. Negative Effects Of Video Games On Teenagers: 1. Increases Aggressive Behavior: Video games with violent content can lead to aggressive behavior in teens. It can also desensitize them to violence. Studies have shown that teens who like playing first-person shooter style games are likely to adopt a detached view of the society. They also develop aggressive thoughts and tendencies. 2. Social Isolation: Another negative effect of video game is that teens are spending too much time playing games than playing outdoors. Video games are making teens socially isolated. Teenagers who play too much video games are also less likely to indulge in extracurricular activities like reading, writing and participating in sports. 3. Teaches Wrong Values: Besides violent behavior, video game also teaches teens wrong values. Video games portray women as weaker characters. They depict women as helpless and sexually provocative personalities. Teens also pick up bad language and behavior while playing with other people online. 4. Poor Academic Performance: This is one of the serious effects of video games on teens. Playing long hours of video games can
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