Positive Emotions In Social Media

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3. EMOTIONAL CONSEQUENCES OF SOCIAL MEDIA: The research has wondered what role positive emotions plays in the factors that allow individual, communities and society to flourish. Positive emotions are the experience of positive moods and feelings which are uplifting. Positive emotions serve as a proof of flourishing and optimal wellbeing in a people's lives. The moments which are filled with positive emotions such as joy, happiness, hope, confidence, love- are the moments in which the negative emotions such as anxiety, envy, sadness, and anger has no place.
The overall balance of people’s positive and negative emotions has been shown to predict their judgments of subjective well-being [32].
Positive emotions increase physical health, foster trust, and compassion. They act as a buffer against stress and negative emotions.
With emergence and success of social media technology, a significant part of people's life has been relocated to an online context. Due to this fact, the effect of social media on the emotional health of people cannot be ignored. Research has done to study how social media evoke negative emotions and put barriers from feeling positive emotions. Social media users have reported feeling low, depressed and a decrease in positive emotions immediately after using various social media [12]. Social media provides opportunity for people to put their lives information out there through post, images, videos

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