Positive Inventions On A Child's Development

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There are a lot of interventions that can promote a more positive outcome on a child/young person’s development where development is not following the expected pattern. Senco (special educational needs coordinator); they are responsible for helping and advising other teachers on the best interventions for the child involved. They can also be involved in training other teachers and providing support. Maintaining records of children with SEN (special educational needs) and keeping in touch with parents of that child/young person. They work with outside agencies including an educational psychologist and social services, conducting liaisons between any agencies and the child involved. Senco’s also ensure that the individual educational …show more content…

Salt (speech and language therapy); their role in bringing a positive outcome on a child/ young person’s development could be treating a person with a language and communication problems that will enable the person to communicate to the best of their ability. This may include; • Speech skills ~ using voice and pronouncing words correctly. • Interaction skills ~ using language in conversation i.e. asking questions and using answers. • Pragmatics ~ using and understanding language in social skills. • Intonation ~ changing the pitch of voice that you use. • Comprehension or receptive skills ~ i.e. sign language or Makaton (pictures). Connextions; this service offers advice and guidance for young people age 13-19 years of age. Support is given on topics such as relationships, health, drugs and alcohol, education, housing and finance. The service also offers support with career advice, employment and the training needed. Education welfare officer; a child/young person whose attendance at school is poor could maybe be involved with this service. Welfare officers will give support and advice to families and pupils on how to resolve these issues, they will also; • Conduct meetings with staff and parents to identify problems and help to find solutions on why they are missing so much school. • Make referrals with social services, educational psychologists (if needed) and health professionals. • Welfare officers will

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