Early Stages Of Life Of A Child

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Children are the most flexible during their early stages of life. The development of the child is very critical during their early stages. As parents play a vital role in the life of their children, the development of the child depends on the attitude and approach of the parents. The parents should have a very deep concern about the attitude that they adopt about raising their children so that the early stage of life could be utilized at the bets level. As the impacts are very much critical at the early stage of the life of a child, it is important that the intervention of the parents in the life of the child is at a balanced approach, thus ensuring that the child is being guided at the most optimum direction. The early intervention in the life of the child could be beneficial from the aspect that the child could be headed towards the positive direction or beneficial the child at this stage of life can result the child getting into the wrong direction of life. (Resources, 2014)
Early Intervention in the life of the child has a great deal of impact on the development of the child from several aspects such as personality and character building; guided towards a certain direction in life.
Role of parents in child’s development
Parent is basically the prime care of the child and is responsible for raising the child. The parent bears the responsibility of taking care of all the essential needs of the child followed by the upcoming demands of the child which come up during the

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