Positive Messages about the Human Spirit in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Throughout Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the story is often considered a tragedy. However the story is also considered the greatest love tale of all time. Love is viewed as a positive thing, so there must be a reason why the story connects to humans who have a good and bad side. Also that there might possibly be several positive themes displayed in the passage. There are three major positive messages about the human spirit provided in the tale, one is hope, the second is love and the third is endurance. In the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, even though in the beginning when they tell you the entire plotline and every plot twist involved practically, the audience or reader can’t help but hope that the young couple will end up …show more content…

As it is said in Act V, Scene iii, line 170, “This is thy sheath: there rust, and let me die.” These are the final words of Juliet after she discovers that her Romeo is dead. It shows that instead of living and moving on, she decides her life would be better spent dead. That shows dedication, loyalty, discipline and love. Truly, love is a positive message that is often misinterpreted as bad because of the consequences but is ultimately good. Lastly, endurance is another happy message about the human spirit. Endurance is the ability to hold up under a difficult task, or time in a person’s life. Romeo and Juliet probably can be considered to be some of the most enduring people ever to walk the earth or in their case be heard of. Throughout the story, Romeo and Juliet are always trying to make it work. They snuck around to get married and find time to be together. Also Juliet was willing to fake her own death to try to get back with Romeo. And Romeo was willing to leave Verona to get a chance to ever see Juliet again. The only time they gave up was when Romeo was convinced Juliet was dead, killed himself, and then Juliet, waking up finding Romeo dead, killed herself. In Act IV, Scene iii, Line 58, “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo, I drink to thee.” These words are spoken by Juliet just before she drinks the vial. However, Juliet wasn’t sure if the drink would work as promised or if the drink would kill or anything else that

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