Possibilities Of Consciousness And Human Consciousness

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Possibilities of Consciousness
Imagine a future that’s filled with robots walking among us, acting like us, talking like us, and except for the metal body, being exactly like us. Would you live in fear of them, or would they’re existence simply excite and motivate your experience of life? The human consciousness is a highly strategic aspect in our lives, but is it only meant for humans? Consciousness is what makes us truly come alive, it’s where we keep our memories, feelings, and the innermost characteristics of ourselves; it’s what makes us truly different from others. If scientists could fully achieve the concept of truly understanding human consciousness and could duplicate it into artificial life, the possibilities would be immensely endless. Human consciousness impacts the legality, morally scientific, and medical aspects we all know and live with, but in this growing world it is constantly enhancing our imagination, and the future keeps enhancing with it. Human consciousness is a well-known concept in the society that is constantly growing and changing the legal fields including abortion. Abortion is an immensely thorny debate in this society that can be taken out of concept and twisted in a way to appeal to your ethical and religious views. Some in society believe that abortion causes the fetus pain and that they can experience to the extent that we ourselves can, in other words believing that to abort a fetus would be equal to murdering a child. To be capable of…
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