The Mechanics of Consciousness

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Consciousness it is a state of awareness on both the external and internal actions and reaction toward different stimulus. Consciousness has greater impacts on our daily life and could influence survival of different organisms that lives on planet earth. The benefits is that it offers protection as it control the self .Consciousness regulate what we think and the reaction that we respond to the different experiences that we undergo on daily basis. Also, it allows us to either allow a thought or respond or terminating the thought as it might be not useful both the inner and outer experiences. Consciousness as the primary regulator of the body an how we interact with either the conducive or bad environment that one live in. However, consciousness can cause misfortune that could lead to someone doing wrong things. It is ones consciousness that often enables us to commit crimes such as murder or robbery as the thought was first altered by consciousness. Furthermore, if one consciousness doesn’t function effectively this might make the person vulnerable to predators. (Kowalski, 2005: 291) 1.2 Consciousness Consciousness refers to an individual’s self-awareness, both internally and external stimulus which include your unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment. Your consciousness can constantly change from one conscious to another. The constant change in consciousness can also be referred to as “stream of conscious”. Awareness- its mechanism and function has
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