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Post 12 – Mentoring

According to the old saying, “no man is an island.” This is a particularly good thing to remember in business. You are probably not the first to be in the position you are in. Other people have experienced the issue you are facing or, at least, have a good grasp on ways you might manage any issue. This is why you need to have a mentor.
Read any interview with a successful businessperson and you will find they talk about the people that helped them get to that success. This is not to say they had success handed to them. They worked hard. But they were guided. They sought and took advice. They questioned and explored. A good mentor is like the GPS in the car. They won’t drive you to where you are going, but they will give you the direction you need to get there. …show more content…

It might be someone above you in your company. It might be someone in a different company. The mentor who helped me most was actually a good friend of my father. While not exactly in the same area of business as I was, his knowledge of people and how to establish successful work relationships was invaluable to me as I began my working life.
Your mentor should be someone with extensive experience and knowledge. They can advise and guide you on a range of matters. And don’t think of mentoring as an exclusive arrangement. Mentoring can easily occur in a group environment. Some of the best discussions I had with the mentor I mentioned earlier were over a meal with both our families. Everyone was able to contribute but be guided by his wealth of

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