Post-Election Event Analysis

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Post-Election Town Hall

The event started out with Professor _____ reassuring the audience that the SOJC is and will remain a sanctuary school. “If it is necessary,” says Professor ____, “We will join forces with other journalism and communication schools and fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.” Professor Lisa Heyamoto mentioned a student calling her for comfort after getting fired for voicing his post-election thoughts on social media. At this point of the event, many questioned if they should stay unbiased to stay safe. ____, a transgender GTF at the SOJC, encourages the audience to step out of their comfort bubble and keep talking about the election; keep talking for the people who understand and for the people who don’t. A student from the audiences says, “I’m a liberal CIS-gender male. I feel like I’m an outcast but what I look like is a privilege person, a White man in America. I feel like because I’m seen as privileged, I could use my voice to stand for the people who are not seen as privileged.” He advises other privileged people to be sensitive about the election and to use their White privilege to voice their opinions and be heard. In the article The Fact of Whiteness, author John Hartigan Jr. mentions, “Phrases such as race relations and racial problems have
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Everyone, including Whites, feel some sort of oppression after the election. ________ expresses his feelings of oppression as a transgender person, “My friends of color said to me, ‘now you know how it feels’” although she is White. This shows that the election affected everyone, such as transgender people and not just people of color. Although University of Oregon claims to be a diverse campus, it is still a predominantly White school. But knowing that there are White people at UO who are willing to use their privilege to stand up for non-Whites, I am hopeful for a post-racial
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