Potential Advantages Of Nanotechnology

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Cancer is one of the worldwide disease that causes the rising of the rate of mortality every year. Most of the cancer treatments are limited to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery which will cause many severe or mild problems to patients. For example, damage to normal tissues or eradication of the cancer cells incompletely. Thus, nanotechnology is being developed as a smart technology which has the ability to target drugs to the specific sites in the body.
Nanotechnology is a branch of system which can use for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer with the use of both nanomaterials and nanotechnology approaches. There are more useful medical devices, more advance drugs for diseases, more appropriate materials for construction will be developed in the nanotechnology. Nanotechnology will also affect medicine and other life sciences. There are tremendous numbers of research in cancer treatment with nanotechnologically modified drugs increasing day by day and some of them have had some good results on this issue. This nanotechnological improvements can be used for cancer patients, because it can provide better cancer diagnosis, more efficient drug delivery to tumor cells, and molecular …show more content…

Nanotechnology can help to differentiate malignant cells from nonmalignant and to selectively and precisely eradicate the malignant cells. There are two fundamental processes, such as passive and active targeting which are involved in differentiating malignant and nonmalignant cells. Active targeting is selectively recognize the molecular antigens, especially proteins, which are expressed on the surfaces of cancer cells. This is to localize nanoparticles to malignant cells. Whereas passive targeting involves enhancement of permeability and retention (EPR) effect in order to increase the concentration of nanoparticles in the tumor and thus the malignant cells are more

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