Poverty in the United Kingdom

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Poverty is often associated with Third World countries, where the outcome of such poverty is often death from disease or starvation. However this is the extremes of poverty, and is rarely experienced within the UK. Despite this poverty still takes place within the UK just at a lesser extent, however this does not take away from the devastating effects that poverty can have. This poverty can be attributed to having less money and lower living standards than others of the same society (European Anti-Poverty Network, 2009). Child poverty is a direct result of adult poverty (, 2011-2012) however unlike and adult, the experience of poverty for a child can effect later life drastically. In April 2011, there were 13 million people in the UK living below the poverty line, this included 3.6 million children (Department for Work and Pensions, 2011), and these numbers are expected to rise further (Child Poverty action Group, 2000-2012). This type of poverty does not discriminate, it is a direct result of inadequate resources.
Unfortunately children themselves are a major contributing factor to their own poverty, as when a child is born a family’s income must spread further, at a time when income is short. Throughout this time parents are faced with the difficult decision of returning to work in order to improve income. However some families shall be supported by the welfare system however the current system of increasing benefits by inflation is causing a relative drop in

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