Pow Bay State Prison : War Zone

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Social Structure Theory 3
Video Supported In the video that I have viewed, “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone”, there was a lot of information in it that supported crime evolving from a social structure theory. The prisoners that are in Pelican Bay State Prison set a goal to get into this prison because it is more like a reward than a punishment. The reason that it is a reward to these prisoners is that only the meanest most violent prisoners that are gang leaders out of prison. These gang leaders still run the gangs while they are in prison and are fearless. These gang leaders come from the only family that they have ever known and would give their life for the gang. Most prisoner, gang leaders are only educated in the streets and nowhere else. In the video it talks about how Pelican Bay State Prison is known for the thousands upon thousands of gang leaders that set a goal to end up there for more recognition. The prisoners that end up in Pelican Bay go in strong and hardcore, and when they come out they are not weaker but stronger and more dedicated than ever to be the gang leader that they are. The gang is not lost without their leader right beside them because they know they will be keeping in touch with the leader on a regular basis. It is a life that is wanted by these gang leaders and members that will rise to the top of the gang.
Primary Subject The primary subject that is discussed in the video is how the gangs are ran from these

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