Power Corrupts In Animal Farm

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No matter who is in charge or leader, absolute power always corrupts. This is represented in the fictional book Animal Farm by George Orwell. In the book Farmer Jones treats the Animals terribly, so the animals rise up and overthrow Jones. The animals leader Napoleon who is a pig, becomes just like Jones or maybe even worse to. Animal Farm is an Allegory, based on the Russian Revolution. George Orwell took Joseph Stalin, and perfectly represented him in his book, as Napoleon in every cruel way he is.
Based on events in history, main cause of the Russian Revolution was Russians not having faith in Czar. “...Most the Russians lost faith in the leadership ability of Czar Nicholas II.”Corruption was rampant and the economy remained backwards. (“Russian Revolution.” The government was corrupted inside and was falling. The economy was no better, it was going down as well. Nicholas repeatedly dissolved the Doma. The establishment of the Russian Parliament came after the 1905 revolution. (“Russian Revolution.”) Czar was executed in 1918 by Bolshevik. Bolshevik and his allies overthrew the the
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Napoleon was a pig who became leader after Old Major died just like Stalin did when Lenin died.(Orwell 21) Napoleon was the one who somewhat made the farm better as Stalin did with the Union.(Orwell 18) Napoleon and Stalin both introduced industrialization to their groups. Napoleon was a similar leader to Stalin. Napoleon was cruel and righteous. (Orwell 25). He did anything to become leader, like Stalin had done. (Orwell 16). As Stalin became, Napoleon became a dictator(Orwell 26). Orwell's character Napoleon was almost exactly like Stalin. “they were puppies, whom Napoleon had taken from their mothers and reared privately”. Though Napoleon rained in terror like Stalin, he had to be protected unlike Stalin(Orwell 16). Napoleon had also controlled the economy on the farm, and Stalin did with the
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