Power Of The New World

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Power can come in many forms. Great power, however, comes in fewer forms. For the most part, a cycle exists between military power and economic power, and another between economic power, political power, and development. These are mostly forms of hard power, something physically tangible, such as an army, a navy, money, land, resources. However, these are not the only types of power which exist in the world. One of the most underrated sources of power is the power of homogeny. When the New World was discovered and explored by the British, it was hard for them to control vast distances because of inter-tribal differences. Now, Britain doesn 't need to worry about sending troops into settle disputes and ensuring that natives stay under control, because there are enough people of British descent and mentality now living here and outnumbering the native population. Britain was able to set up a strong form of soft power around the world through colonization because it spread British people, their ideologies, and their influence around the world rather than just troops. In some cases, when natives within British colonies would act up they would have the troops sent in to restore order, and when more resources were needed, as resources are often finite, they would send the troops to expand the empire and find new colonies or new resources within their colonies to extract resources from. This was exactly what happened in Canada during the 1885 Riel Rebellion, in which troops were
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