Power Of The Particular State And The Constitution Of It

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This paper analyses what defines the power of the particular state and the constitution of it. In addition, it then evaluate the British Empire as the great power back there until World War II. It analyses the factor of the rise of British as a great power and what makes it decline. Lastly, it look up the emergence of the United States of America as the great power after the World War II.
There are a lot of opinion regarding power. Power is basically the ability to influence other. But the easiest way to measure power of a particular nation is by evaluating its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The GDP is derived from the addition of household expenditure, the subtraction of export to import, and government expenditure over period of time.
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Since it is a cycle, it does mean that a particular state would not eternally remain at the top of the status hierarchy. Historically, before the World War 2, the most powerful country is Britain. Then, after the World War 2, the United State of America emerged as the most powerful countries. Nowadays, the situation seems that China will replace the US as the most powerful country.

British indeed was the world power until the World War 2. British Empire encompass one fourth of the world. As the saying goes, the sun will never set on British Empire. This really emphasizes how huge British Empire is. There are lot of factors that made Britain as the most powerful nation on that time.
First and foremost, the factor that makes Britain as a powerful country is its economic growth (Crouzet, A history of the European Economy, 115). The agricultural revolution provides modal for the farmer to invest in industrial sector. Britain produce a lot of agriculture products that exceed the domestic demand. This guarantee the food supply for the workers and Britain don’t need to import food. Another factor is the invention of modern machine. This maximize the production and use least number of force. The machine produce a lot of product and cause the product to become cheaper. Since the number of production increase, the products can be exported. The huge number of factories
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