Power Of The Tongue Outline

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I. Power of the tongue (Matt. 12:36) A. The tongue can justify or condemn us 1. Using ugly, angry, spiteful, gossiping, etc. these words will testify against us and condemn us in the day of judgment. 2. Use kind, gracious, loving, edifying, and profitable these words will testify and justify us in the day of judgment. B. Determines our eternal destination. (Prov. 13:3) II. Dangers of an untamed tongue A. Tongue destroys 1. Like a spark in a forest of dead trees. (James 3:5) 2. Careless words or one inappropriate word can cause everlasting damage. B. Tongue defiles 1. What we say not only destroys us but can destroy others. (Matt. 15:11) 2. Can strip the beauty of Christ away from us. III. Controlling the tongue A. Refrain from

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