Pre-K Classroom Observation Report

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When I was volunteering in Ms. Charlene Carrillo’s Pre-K class at the Pre-K 4 SA North Education Center, I decided to observe the social skills of a Pre-K student. The student I decided to observe was a little girl, named Josephine (Josie). Josie was a sweet and kind 4-year-old little girl, who was always the first one to raise their hand to answer a question. It was because of her kind, curious nature and intelligence that I decided to observe Josie. Like I said before, Josie was a very intelligent little girl and displayed a lot of the TEA’s Pre-K Guidelines. Although Josie displayed a lot of the TEA’s Pre-K Guidelines, I am only going to go over three of the biggest Pre-K Guidelines that Josie displayed. The three TEA Pre-K Guidelines (2015)
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