Pre-Screening Disorders: A Case Study

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Our program will only specialize in pregnant women that are suffering from addiction. Age will not be a factor in our program as long as you are pregnant and struggling with an addiction of any sort, you will be welcome to our program. This program will only last 90 days. However; we will also provide short term extended care which is 6 months and long term extended care which is up to a year if needed. The treatment will consist of; medical detox, pregnancy education, counseling, individual/group and family therapy, prenatal care, aftercare planning and 12 step meetings. In order for soon to be mothers to get admitted into our program, they will have to fill out a pre- screening questionnaire. The questionnaire will consist of five…show more content…
Do you go to extensive lengths in order to obtain drugs?
5. Do you constantly think about your next high or glass of wine?
Once those individuals are approve to participate in our group, they will than have another screening for co- occurring disorder. According to the “Drugrehab” article most mothers that suffer of addiction had co-occurring disorders such as depression, panic disorder and eating disorder (2016).By them having a high possibility of suffering from co-occurring disorder it will be to our advantage to screen them. It will also give us the ability to help those pregnant mothers more effectively (Drugrehab, 2016).
Initial stage During the first meeting with the group we will discuss our expectations, rules, the process and the goal of our program. Make them understand it’s a judge free zone; everybody is here for the same reason and purpose regardless of their age. During our group sessions their will be no cell phone allow, mothers cannot come in intoxicated, each group member must be respectful to each other as well as to the group facilitators. Every group session will open with a guest speaker who will speak on their experience going through the same process and will also answer questions for 20 minutes. The reason why we will like to have a guest speaker every meeting is in order to give those soon to be mothers a sense of hope. We will also have each member speak on their progress and experience by far at each meeting. The session will be close with a life skill workshop and a take home assignment. Overall, our goal and expectation is to help as many mothers as possible by guiding them to the road of recovery with the proper
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