Pre Test Assessment ( Appendix B ) Essay

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The students took a formative, pre-test assessment (Appendix B) on Monday morning prior to our first lesson on force. Overall, the majority of the class performed poorly on both sides of the pre-test. The directions for both sections were exactly the same, which were to circle the correct answer, with the exception of 2 fill in the blanks. Student were read aloud the question and the answer choices to determine true prior knowledge. Example questions from the on the force side included two fill in the blank for the definitions of push and pull, they were required to write the one word in the blank. Then there were 7 questions about the force of push and pull. In these questions, students were given an object such as a shopping cart and they had to circle whether they push or pull it. On the magnet side, there were 5 different pictures of 2 magnets with the north and south pole side identified. These 2 magnets were placed together in different ways and students had to circle, whether the magnets would attract or repel. After reviewing the pre-test, students on average performed better with the force questions over the magnet questions. The class average for the force formative assessment was 72%, whereas the class average for the magnet formative assessment was 47%. The demographic breakdown had a range of averages from 55% to 77% on the force side, and a range of 16% to 73% on the magnet side. These results showed that few students had a solid prior knowledge of force and

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