Essay on Preparing Our Children for Success with Education

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School is something from day one that our parents and society are preparing us for. You go through elementary school learning the basics for school. Moving onto high school where you then in the four years there must make one of the biggest decisions of your life: what do I want to be when I grow up. Once you choose what you are going to be when you grow up you apply to university and college. One thing though that you are not told when your younger is the expenses of school and saving money towards it. You are always told that you need school and you have to go to school. But never how expensive school really is in Canada especially in Ontario. As easy as it sounds to get an education to get a good job, it really is not like that there …show more content…

Even when you are not paying it back, during school the interest is still adding up which people do not realize. So as helpful as OSAP is for Ontario residence, not everyone is lucky enough to get funding by them. OSAP takes into consideration of how much your parents make for the year plus what you make if you work. Some people are unable to get OSAP because their parents make too much money, but exactly how is this fair? If your parents are making you pay for your own schooling because them paying for it really does not teach you anything about the value of your future than how can OSAP base their decision on your parents income? Well this is what is causing an ongoing problem for students. Students that do not qualify for OSAP are forced to take other options to pay for school like student line of credits or student loans. But there is a down fall to student line of credits because “As long as you're in school part–time, you only have to pay the interest owing each month,” (RBC website). As easy as they make this sound on the RBC website, it is not that easy for students to pay interest while in school. Government funding and student loans are really the only way that a lot of us can afford to go to school so they do help us out a lot for the time being. But after we graduate and have to start paying back the debt it delays our ability to

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