Essay On How To Tell Which Education A Child Needs

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How to Tell Which Education a Child Needs
I was born into a military family, and as anyone who has ever met a military family knows we had a tendency to move around quite frequently. Therefore for the first six years of my education, I was home-schooled and my mom was my teacher. This was a unique experience for me that I appreciate in hindsight. However, when my dad finally retired and we settled down in Abilene, the switch to a public school was one of my most confusing and exhilarating moments for me. Similarly, for any other child who has ever experienced this, the switch to public school was a major transition point in my life: having to meet all my new peers, getting used to classes, learning to respect teachers, and all the other …show more content…

As a child, I remember one of my classes where I stopped the lesson of my sixth grade math teacher to ask him if he could repeat what he just said and explain it again slower, to which he simply responded “no.” This was sadly what most of my other experiences in public school were like: going home with questions about materials and trying to figure it out with just my book and some worksheets or, even worse, not trying to understand at all.
Another difference that was crucial in my education was my selection of learning opportunities that were given to me. In home schooling, there were very few deviations that my mom and I could explore if I was curious. However, as I entered public school, I was very shocked, especially in high school, regarding the sheer amount of choices I had in classes or electives. This issue might not seem significant to someone who has been in public school their entire life, but for myself, with being in home schooling most of my academic career, I was incredibly excited over all the different learning options I had. In fact, one of the hardest choices I had going into high school was figuring out the classes I wanted to do.
Another major difference that I observed between my experiences at public school and home schooling was my socialization with kids was very different and diverse. While I was home schooled, I tended to only interact with kids that lived around me. As a result, my friends were

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