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Education Philosophy My life has been influenced greatly by teachers. Since I was a child, teaching is all I wanted to do. My mother is a fifth grade teacher. I have quite a few friends that are teachers. I have been fortunate to be influenced by some great teachers throughout my academic career. I love to be around kids and I like participating in the process of learning. I appreciate learning even today. I enjoy the learning process and hope to one day influence students in the future. I hope to one day become a high school social studies teacher. I enjoy history and geography, and I especially love politics and discussing current events. I like class discussions and letting different opinions express themselves. …show more content…

I do agree that students must be taught to appreciate learning primarily for its own sake rather than because it will help them in their careers. I agree that schools must place more emphasis on teaching about the concerns of minorities and women. I agree to reward students well for learning and they will remember and be able to apply what they learned, even if they were not led to understand why the information is worth knowing. I agree that schools must provide students with a firm grasp of basic facts regarding the books, people, and events that have shaped the nation’s heritage. I agree that teachers must stress for students the relevance of what they is learning to their lives outside, as well as inside, the classroom. I agree that students should not be promoted from one grade to the next until they have read and mastered certain key material. I agree that teaching strategies involve computer Simulation, role-playing, cooperative learning, internship, and work-study experiences. I agree academic rigor is an essential component of education. I agree that teachers must be willing to engage in ongoing renewal of their personal and professional lives. I agree that frequent objective testing is the best way to determine what students know. I would also agree that learning is more effective when students are given frequent tests to determine what they have leaned. I do not agree that the curriculum of the schools should focus on the great thinkers of the

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