Presentation And Effects Of The Tiffany Ct60

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Beguiled by the new episode of the Walking Dead, I attentively watched how a swarm of zombie trapped Glen. With every second that passed the excitement built and just as the episode was about to reach the climax a voice interrupts the show saying, “ We’ll be right back after this commercial break.” As much as I hate being interrupted by a commercial, it is a very effective way to advertise a product. Living in a consumerist society it is common to see ads on a daily basis. We see ads on TV, we hear ads on radio stations, we see ads online, and we see print ads all the time. The most recent ad I encountered was a magazine add by Tiffany & Co promoting the Tiffany CT60 watch. Tiffany & Co longs history in the world of consumerism is clearly…show more content…
In 1878 with the help of Dr. George Frederick Kunz, a gemologist, Tiffany & Co created the Tiffany Diamond (About Tiffany & Co). Tiffany & Co hard work eventually led the company to become the appointed Royal Jeweler to the crowned heads of Europe as well as the Ottoman Emperor and the Czar of Russia (About Tiffany & Co). Tiffany & Co massive success lead them to be Americas most renounced, “silversmith and purveyor of jewels and timepieces” creating some of the most illustrious necklaces, earrings, bracelets, wrings, diamonds and even wristwatches. Watches were originally invented in Europe during the 15th century and were slowly revolutionized into the remarkable masterpieces we see in the 21st century (Brozek). It all began with the clock and slowly transitioned into the modern day wristwatch in the late 16th century (Brozek). Up until the early 20th century only women wore wristwatches (Brozek). Men did not wear wristwatches until Hans Wilsdorf invented the ROLEX in 1905 (Brozek). After the extensive success the new men wristwatch demonstrated, Tiffany & Co had no other option but to come out with there own line of wristwatches. The first Tiffany watch came out in the year 1908 and due to its unique modern style it was a huge hit in the market (Pulvirent). Many wristwatches have come out since then, but not many are superior to watches made by Tiffany & Co. The new Tiffany CT60 watch was created to pay, “tribute to
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