President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination Essays

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In 1976, the US Senate ordered the official investigation of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, who was murdered on November 22, 1963 during a motorcade in Dallas, Texas. The FBI and the CIA were persuaded to release more of their documents on Oswald. Most important of all, pieces of evidence such as photos and sound recordings were subjected to scientific analysis using the most up to date methods and equipment. The HSCA completed their investigation in 1979 and they finally came to a verdict that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at Kennedy, one of which killed the president. A fourth shot was fired from the grassy knoll, which was contradictory to the statement printed by the Warren Commission 16 years earlier. They concluded…show more content…
They had proven to be extremely unorganized in their efforts to document and investigate the Presidents murder. The fact that interviews hadn't been recorded was one of the reasons why there was so much confusion during the trial, the only excuse the Dallas police could come up with was that they couldn't find a tape recorder. The questions that were asked by the officers proved to be worthless. Dallas police were wildly believed to be at fault for Oswald's death. Even though a previous attempt had been made to kill Oswald, no further precautions had been taken to prevent a second attempt. The fact that reporters were allowed to mingle around Oswald as he was escorted out of court probably gave Jack Ruby the freedom to access Oswald and so caused his death. Oswald was murdered in front of news cameras, and video footage of the incident shows that the police hardly made any attempts to prevent the murder. Some believe that Jack Ruby killed Oswald to silence him and the police were ordered to let it happen. For a long time the American open must be substance with the Warren Commissions verdict that Lee Harvey Oswald had been the sole professional killer in the homicide of John F. Kennedy. In any case, after the report was distributed on September 24, 1964, new proof kept on surfacing, as did inconsistencies with the discoveries of the
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