Who Shot John F. Kennedy Essay

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Who Shot John F. Kennedy

On November 22nd, 1963 America lost its innocence. It also perhaps lost its trust, trust in the American Government. In a gallop pole in 1960, 89% of the American population trusted the government. Since then it has dropped to less than to . That means that since the early 1960's over 70% of the population lost its trust in the Federal Government. While there may be different reasons why many people lost their trust, the most major one was probably the assassination and investigation of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In 1963 and 1964 the US government told the American public about what happened that fateful day in Dallas Texas. They said that one crazy man, Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone killed the
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This is also how he made most of his fortune.
John Kennedy had several siblings also, three brothers, and 5 sisters. His two brothers Robert, and Edward are probably the most famous. When it came time for JFK to get into politics, Papa Joe wanted his son to get into the White House. It is reported that he contacted his friends in organized crime to help him to get his son elected. One of these crime bosses, Sam Giancanna of Chicago claimed that he was responsible for getting Kennedy the presidency by stuffing the ballot box, and sinking the 10,000 votes for Nixon into the bottom of Lake Michigan. Needless to say organized crime felt as though the Kennedy's owed a debt. But John Kennedy, unaware of this debt that he owed decided that along with his brother Robert, the attorney general, he would fight organized crime, and try to bring an end to it. The mob was not happy with this action. Someone that they had helped had turned against them. Papa Joe appealed to his son, to try to get him to lay off, but to no avail. The moffia was disappointed with the Kennedy's, and needed to do something about their problem. In 1955 a revolutionary leader came to power in Cuba. His name was Fediel Castro. Castro kicked out the gambling crime bosses out of Cuba, angering those in the US. Castro wanted to be friends with a major power. He first tried to talk to the US. The president at the time, Eisenhower, did not come down to Cuba though. He sent his
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