President Obama And The Presidential Election

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The news media don 't want Hillary to win the presidential election and they are pushing this terrorism threat along with everything negative said about President Obama and the wars in the Mideast scaring the public and at the same time they are helping Trump by the blanket coverage they have been give him that to date Trump hasn 't had to spend very much to advertise his campaign. That 's not all the news media is doing to promote the election of repubs they constantly report everything President Obama and his administration has accomplished with a negative slant to it so that he doesn 't get any credit for the good he 's accomplishing and scaring the public to believe they need to elect a repub because the Democrats don 't know what they 're doing but the Democrats are doing a good job but President Obama is doing a great job the Democrats are just poor strategist and poor self promoters and they always have been and I 'll give you some examples. If you ask the public which administration is the biggest spenders Democrats or Repubs the above average number will respond the Democrats are the biggest government spenders. I know for a fact, over the last 60 years and you can look this up for yourself, repubs have always out spent the Democrats and have left the nation in debt that the Democrats have had to save the country from going bankrupt after the repubs has messed the US economy up. The repubs always label the Democrats as the big spenders and the repubs are good

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